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FAQ English2017-05-20T14:28:40+02:00

Frequently asked questions

Do you also make designs?2017-05-20T14:23:55+02:00

We only work from a supplied design. The further refining of an existing idea/sketch is possible in cooperation with the customer.

After the visualization has been completed, will I also receive the 3D model?2017-02-19T16:41:13+02:00

No,  you only pay for the images. The 3D model will be in our archive.

How much does it cost?2017-02-18T16:12:36+02:00

The price for a visualization depends entirely on the project. Please contact us trough our contact form for a quote on your project.

Do you only make visualizations for businesses?2017-02-18T16:29:52+02:00

We work for both individuals and businesses.

I already have a 3D model, can you use that?2017-02-19T15:40:22+02:00

That is possible, if the model is from good quality. Most of the time it’s more work to change an existing (lower quality) model than to build it from the ground up.